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Writing the Book Teaches You How to Write It - talking about voice with Sara Collins

'The Confessions of Frannie Langton', winner of the 2019 Costa First Novel Award is a dark gothic mysery, set in Georgian London and the plantations of Jamaica. It has a voice that leaps off the page and this is what Sophia wanted to talk to Sara about. They discuss how she undertook her research, the importance of reading Regency novels in your teens, and The Confessions’s tremendous success from the moment it was published. View the show notes here: https://www.prepublished.net/episodes/writing-the-book-teaches-you-how-to-write-it-talking-about-voice-with-sara-collins

The Role of Luck - talking about writing for boys with Robert Muchamore

Robert calls his genre ‘attainable fantasy’. He talks about how quickly he writes, how important structure is, how he tries to make each chapter work as standalone excitement, and how the series grew by word of mouth. In fact, he says ‘it almost survived through benign neglect’. His first advance was small for the times, but he has since become a millionaire through writing. His latest Robin Hood series will be out in 2020. View the show notes here: https://www.prepublished.net/episodes/the-role-of-luck-talking-about-series-with-robert-muchamore

There Are No Rules - talking about what publishers want with Annie Eaton

Annie Eaton disputes the label ‘legend’ – but she is one. Annie started her editorial career at Puffin in 1984. Since then she has worked as an editor and senior publisher at Transworld, Random House, PRH and Faber, and worked with authors including Jacqueline Wilson, Philip Pullman, Malorie Blackman, Siobhan Dowd and Helen Cooper. Full show notes available here: https://www.prepublished.net/episodes/there-are-no-rules

Allow The Magic To Disappear - talking about submitting with Candy Gourlay

Award-winning author Candy Gourlay talks about finding your place as a writer, her blog 'Notes from the Slushpile', and what it takes to get a manuscript ready to submit. We cover issues such as ‘do authors pay taxes?’, why submitting to lots of agents can be traumatic, and why you mustn’t do it as soon as you’ve finished writing the book. Show notes available here: https://www.prepublished.net/episodes/put-it-in-a-drawer

Start With The Beast - talking about series fiction with Karen Ball

Children's editor Karen Ball unwittingly gives Sophia the name for this podcast … and talks about her 25-year career, from launching the multi-million selling 'Beast Quest' series with Working Partners, to setting up her own consultancy with Speckled Pen. Full show notes available here: https://www.prepublished.net/episodes/start-with-the-beast

Nancy Drew In Ancient Rome - talking about writing inspiration with Caroline Lawrence

Prolific children's author Caroline Lawrence tells Sophia about how John Truby helped her get off to a stellar start with her 'Roman Mysteries' series, and shares some inspiring writing tips from her new book, 'How to Write a Great Story'. Full show notes available here: https://www.prepublished.net/episodes/nancy-drew-in-ancient-rome

You Can’t Make It Dark Enough - talking about character with Cliff McNish

International bestselling author Cliff McNish shares his thoughts about getting to the deep core of characters, and how to avoid cliché by ‘never accepting your first idea’ and ‘staying in the moment’. We discuss the effectiveness of giving your protagonist seemingly insuperable problems, the darkness of picture books, and the need for a ‘desire line’: “Whenever you respond really deeply to a character, you always know what they want.” Full show notes available here: https://www.prepublished.net/episodes/you-can-t-make-it-dark-enough

And Then Is Not Good - talking about plotting with Caroline Green

Sophia disagrees with Young Adult and thriller writer Caroline Green about the usefulness of plotting formulas, and Caroline shares some great ideas from the creators of South Park, as well as the various ways she has plotted different books. Full show notes available here: https://www.prepublished.net/episodes/and-then-is-not-good

Introducing Prepublished, Series 1 - with Sophia Bennett

Children's and crime writer Sophia Bennett explains her long journey to publication, and why she wanted to make this podcast. She introduces some of the guests, who'll be talking about their experiences and sharing their favourite tips for making you and your writing stand out.

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