The Bridget Jones Method - talking about writing YA fiction with Keren David

Keren and Sophia talk about writing fiction for the first time, what you can learn about structure from writing a musical, writing for dyslexic readers with publishers Barrington Stoke, and address the ‘own voices’ debate. View the show notes here:

Keren David’s first YA thriller, 'When I Was Joe', was published in 2010. It started as an exercise in a creative writing course she did at City University. At one stage it had the distinction of being the most stolen book from libraries in young offender institutions. Since then she’s published a further 10 novels, and taught that course at City University. Keren is currently a features editor at the Jewish Chronicle. Her latest YA novel, 'What We’re Scared Of', will be out in 2021. 

Thanks as always to Christopher Pett for production and editing.


Keren on Twitter:  

The Writing for Children course City University (full disclosure - Sophia is the current visiting lecturer):

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