Funny and Dark - talking about being an agent with Stephanie Thwaites

Stephanie tells Sophia what she’s looking for in children’s fiction at the moment, and why the covering letter is so important. If you’ve ever wondered who is reading that submission you slave over, and how to make it stand out, Stephanie has the answers. View the show notes here:

Stephanie Thwaites joined Curtis Brown sixteen years ago. She represents authors including Francesca Simon and Tom Fletcher.

Sophia went to the agency’s expansive offices in Central London to talk to her about what she’s looking for from prepublished writers (you don’t need to worry about the synopsis!) and what an agent does once you sign up.

In addition to living authors, Stephanie represents the estates of AA Milne and John Steinbeck. (Yes, she really does represent Tom Fletcher and John Steinbeck. The life of an agent...)

Thanks as always to Christopher Pett for production and editing.


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