Start With The Beast - talking about series fiction with Karen Ball

Children's editor Karen Ball unwittingly gives Sophia the name for this podcast … and talks about her 25-year career, from launching the multi-million selling 'Beast Quest' series with Working Partners, to setting up her own consultancy with Speckled Pen. Full show notes available here:

Sophia and Karen talk about how to hook reluctant readers with pacy plots and catch phrases, working with unpublished writers (pre-published writers) and why voice is so important. Karen also brilliantly describes the essential boost for your self-esteem that having another creative pursuit, such as sewing, can give you.

Thanks as always to Christopher Pett for production and editing.

Links to resources:

Karen’s website:
Karen’s blog about sewing:
Unbound (for crowd-funded books):
Wool and the Gang: 
Deep Work by Cal Newport:
Reacher Said Nothing by Andy Martin:
Art School, Smart School:

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