#18 Talking about writing for radio with Sarah Wooley

In this episode I talk to Sarah Wooley about writing for radio. Sarah’s plays about real characters and moments in history are regulars on Radio 3 and Radio 4 on the BBC. This year she won a BBC Audio Drama award for her adaption of Black Water by Joyce Carol Oates. Her career included a stint as a staff director at the National Theatre and she has worked with Trevor Nunn, Stephen Daldry and Harold Pinter, as well as writing and directing plays of her own.

What I’ve always admired about Sarah is her professionalism. She writes to commission, and always has several projects on the go. I love getting to listen to the results on the radio, and I’m really looking forward to her next play, Rodgers and Hart and Hammerstein, set on Broadway, which will be broadcast on Radio 3 on the 27th of December. Do catch it if you can. There is a link to it in the show notes. 
I’m fascinated by the whole writing process, from which plawrights inspire her and why, to how she gets a commission and why star parts matter when constructing a radio play. I also wanted to know what aspiring writers for radio and TV can do to get their foot in the door. Broadcasters want talent. How do you make sure you’re the talent they’re looking for? 

https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000ql9r - Rodgers and Hart and Hammerstein 

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