#23 Talking about The Windsor Knot with Caroline Green and Sophia Bennett

In this episode, Caroline Green returns to Prepublished to interview Sophia about switching genres. The sale of The Windsor Knot and its sequels in the Her Majesty the Queen Investigates series coincided with the start of the pandemic. For Sophia, alongside all the fear and uncertainty, it was also every writer's dream come true.
This episode is about changing direction as a writer, and writing a high concept novel. 
Writing as Cass Green, Caroline Green is the author of bestselling crime novels such as In a Cottage in a Wood, The Woman Next Door and The Killer Inside. Like me, she was a YA writer first. She teaches a crime writing course at City Uni and she was the first person I interviewed for Season One of this podcast, where she talked about the art of plotting. She was also the first person I spoke to, outside the family, when I got the US deal for Her Majesty The Queen Investigates, of which The Windsor Knot is book 1. As you’ll hear, that was quite a day. 
I was so grateful to Caroline for agreeing to interview me this time. It felt odd to talk about my own experience, but I thought it might be an interesting insight into the publishing world for new writers, and a reassuring one for those who’ve been around the block a bit. There is hope! There is always hope! There was also an unfolding pandemic, and that made a bizarre experience even more surreal. I think I’m still recovering. 

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