#15 Talking about self editing with Emma Darwin

Emma Darwin is the author of two historical novels and a guide to writing historical fiction. Her latest book, intriguingly, is the story of not being able to write a novel about her famous family. I got to know Emma through her blog, ‘This Itch of Writing’. She investigates the craft of writing in real depth, giving plentiful illustrations of what she means, and I usually end up pointing my students there at some point, so it was great to be able to talk to her in person for this episode.

Emma was an associate lecturer at the Open University and has a PhD in creative writing. She runs popular courses and workshops, including ‘Self-editing your novel’, with Debi Alper. I had an orderly list of questions to ask her, but as soon as we started talking about writing, we ended up going wherever the subject took us, from free writing to beta readers, psychic distance, showing and telling, and why rewriting is what it’s all about.  

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