Where Do You Belong? Talking about writing to be seen, with Catherine Johnson

Sophia talked to Catherine in Hastings via the Cleanfeed app. The topics ranged from Catherine's time as a screenwriting student at St Martin's art college in London, to her many award-winning YA novels and why she was inspired to write about black people in history, from enslaved people to aristocrats and adventurers. View the show notes here: https://www.prepublished.net/episodes/catherine-johnson

Catherine Johnson is a multi-award-winning writer of twenty novels. She’s best known for her history writing for young adults, but has also written contemporary novels and screenplays, and taught creative writing in schools, universities, art galleries and prisons. She has great personal style and we could have spent the time talking fashion, art and growing up in London – but we were mostly disciplined, and talked books. Her work is brave and feminist, addressing the history of slavery, but also throwing much-needed light on black people in history who were adventurers, medics and aristocrats. 

Thanks as always to Christopher Pett for production and editing.


Central St Martins arts and design college: https://www.arts.ac.uk/colleges/central-saint-martins

Royal Society of Literature: https://rsliterature.org

Royal Literary Fund: https://www.rlf.org.uk

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