And Then Is Not Good - talking about plotting with Caroline Green

Sophia disagrees with Young Adult and thriller writer Caroline Green about the usefulness of plotting formulas, and Caroline shares some great ideas from the creators of South Park, as well as the various ways she has plotted different books. Full show notes available here:

Caroline is a bestselling crime writer of books such as 'In a Cottage in a Wood', under the name Cass Green. She teaches the short course in writing crime fiction at City University, London. As Caroline, she’s also an award-winning writer for young adults, with books including 'Dark Ride' and 'Cracks'.

Thanks to Christopher Pett for production and editing.

Links to resources:

Caroline’s website:

The plotting mountain - traditionally known as Freytag’s pyramid:

Writing Advice from Matt Stone & Trey Parker @ NYU | MTVU's "Stand In”:

Raindance screenwriting courses with Eliot Grove:

'Save the Cat' by Blake Snyder

John Truby on writing:

'Take Off Your Pants' by Libbie Hawker:

'Stealing Hollywood' by Alexandra Sokoloff:

'Into the Woods' by John Yorke:

'The Story Grid' by Shawn Coyne:

'Reacher Says Nothing' by Andy Martin:

'David Almond':

Val McDermid interviewed by Danuta Kean, 2017:

'Deep Work' by Cal Newport:

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