#32 Talking about the writing coach with Sophie Hannah

Sophie Hannah is an international bestselling thriller writer, author coach and poet. In part 1 of this conversation about her writing life and work, we discuss writing ambitions and dealing with rejection. Sophie vividly explains how her Dream Author coaching programme can help. I guarantee that aspiring writers will want to listen.

I wanted to talk to Sophie about many things – her career as an international bestselling thriller writer of books such as Little Face, The Carrier and the Monogram Murders­, her work with the Agatha Christie estate, what got her into writing, and how she helps writers with her Dream Author coaching programme. This was more than we could fit into the time available, so we had to save crimewriting, the Christie estate and Sophie’s special tips for planning for part 2, which I’ll be releasing soon. 
In part one, we discuss the essential urge to write. Sophie explains having to fight to do a typing course as a teenager, and why stuffing envelopes and cataloguing library cards were the perfect jobs for someone with powerful ambition. 
She describes the good bits, such as what happened when she released a collection of rhyming poetry, and got a letter out of the blue from Trinity College Cambridge. And the tough bits, such as the years and years it took to get her first novel published. 
Over those years Sophie learned a lot. She tells me about her Dream Author coaching programme: how it helps writers to deal with negative feelings and find your own self belief and validation. You will feel Sophie’s positivity, so I’m not surprised that she can help authors learn to enjoy the process, right here, right now, despite however many rejections the industry may throw your way. 
Buckle up. We have a lot to talk about. 
We recorded this episode in June 2021. I hope you enjoy our conversation. 
Sophie’s website:  https://sophiehannah.com 
Dream Author coaching: https://dreamauthorcoaching.com
Brooke Castillo Life Coach School: https://thelifecoachschool.com  

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