#25 Talking about acting and a sense of place with Carol Drinkwater

This episode features the actress, film maker and author Carol Drinkwater. You may know her as the original Helen in the iconic 1970s production of All Creatures Great and Small, or maybe you’re familiar with her bestselling Olive Farm series of memoirs and travel books. Recently, she has written historical novels based around the South of France. An Act of Love is set in World War 2 and is the story of refugees. Carol talks about its resonance with the contemporary world.

How many of us dream of meeting a glamorous Frenchman, finding a tumbledown house by the sea and restoring it together, whiling away our afternoons in the sparkling pool between writing sessions and heavy manual labour on crumbling walls? Well, anyway, I do. The first of Carol's Olive Farm book makes it clear that money was very tight, and while I was reading it I wanted to know how she felt when she took the risk of writing it. After all, she couldn’t be sure it would earn the money she so desperately needed. 
I had thought that perhaps Carol’s acting life and writing life would be two separate things, but she is enlightening about the ways in which she brings her training as an actress into the way she writes.

An Act of Love: http://www.caroldrinkwater.com 
The Olive Farm: http://www.caroldrinkwater.com/books/theolivefarm 
On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King: https://stephenking.com/works/nonfiction/on-writing-a-memoir-of-the-craft.html
On Writers and Writing by Margaret Atwood: https://www.virago.co.uk/titles/margaret-atwood/on-writers-and-writing/9780349006246/ 

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